Nehru delayed Goa’s liberation, was concerned about his global image : PM Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha

PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday blamed the Congress for postponing Goa’s autonomy by 15 years after India accomplished opportunity in 1947 and said individuals of the state could always remember how the fabulous old party treated them.

Making an intricate reference to late Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru’s public place of not sending an Army to back the Satyagraha for Goa’s freedom, PM Modi talking in Rajya Sabha today said, “This is the language of haughtiness Pt Nehru utilized against his own kin… take a gander at the words he utilized… satyagrahis were being terminated upon however he would not send the Army to help. Goa freedom was postponed by 15 years.”

PM Modi cited Pt Nehru’s August 15, 1955 discourse from the Red Fort in which Nehru depicted the then Government position of not sending the Army inside Goa which was under the Portuguese rule.

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Citing from Nehru’s discourse, Modi said, “Nobody should be under any misinterpretation that the public authority will make any Army move in Goa. There’s no Army around Goa. Certain individuals inside need to cause what is going on to drive us to send the Army. We will not send any Army. We will settle the matter calmly. Everybody ought to recollect this.”

Nehru further said, as cited by PM Modi, “Those going to Goa are free to go. However, they ought to likewise make sure to follow the standards of Satyagraha assuming they call themselves Satyagrahis. Armed forces don’t trail Satyagrahis.”

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Blaming JL Nehru for postponing Goa’s freedom and being worried about his own worldwide picture, PM Modi said individuals like Ram Manohar Lohia were holding Satyagraha in Goa.

Significantly the AICC at the time had elapsed a goal saying “Any section into Goa by Indians will be improper and surprisingly individual Satyagraha by Indians ought to be kept away from.”

Goa is going to races on February 14 with the Congress and BJP in an immediate battle and AAP another participant.

Goa was freed on December 19, 1961 after then PM Nehru send the Armed Forces and the Portuguese finally given up. The Goa Liberation development had been dynamic starting around 1946.

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