Wearing of hijab not essential religious practice in Islam, says Karnataka High Court; upholds ban

The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday maintained the prohibition on wearing hijab in instructive organizations in the state, saying wearing hijab is certainly not a fundamental act of Islam.

“No case is made out for refuting the public authority request of February 5,” a Full Bench led by Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi said.

The Bench – – which likewise included Justice Krishna S Dixit and Justice Jaibunnisa M Khazi – – dismissed the petitions documented by a few Muslim young ladies testing restriction on wearing hijab in instructive foundations in Karnataka.

Maintaining the public authority’s ability to issue ‘Government Order’ (GO) on the issue, the high court said endorsing school regalia was a sensible limitation on the key right to opportunity of articulation under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution and understudies couldn’t protest it.

The Bench had held the decision on February 25 following 11 days of long distance race live streamed hearing.

The Bench had heard finally a few senior backers for the applicants and Karnataka Advocate General Prabhuling Navadgi, other than certain supporters addressing educators and College Development Committees having nearby MLAs as their individuals.

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Set up on February 9, the Chief Justice Awasthi-drove Bench heard on an everyday reason for 11 days petitions recorded by some young lady understudies testing the restriction on wearing hijab in instructive foundations where a specific uniform has been recommended.

The Karnataka High Court had on February 10 controlled understudies from going to instructive organizations wearing strict dress. The Supreme Court had wouldn’t intercede in the hijab debate even as it declared that it will safeguard the sacred privileges of everybody and will take up the matter at the fitting time.

The solicitors were supposedly denied section into a pre-college school for young ladies in Udupi in December keep going for abusing the clothing standard.

The State Government had demanded that the state high court should choose if hijab was a fundamental act of Islam, saying it’s essential to choose the issue, as the candidates have affirmed it as a piece of their right to religion.

A few Muslim young ladies had tested the Karnataka government’s February 5 request limiting understudies from wearing garments that could upset harmony, congruity and peace and lawfulness.

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